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September 2011
Swimming Pool Edition
Best Swimming Pools in the Middle East
Shading solutions around the swimming pool
Outdoor Spas
Water features & Fountains

October 2011
Special feature on the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
Special edition for the Gulf Landscaping 2011 and Index 2011 shows

November 2011
The Irrigation Edition
Best irrigation solutions
Soil Additives
New irrigation innovations

December 2011
The Hotels & resorts Edition:
Best hotel gardens in the Middle East

January 2012
GCC Contractors Edition
Top 10 Landscape contractors in the Middle East

February 2012
Golf Courses Edition
Best Golf Courses in the Middle East
Turf special
Water efficiency in golf course irrigation

March 2012
The Consultants Edition
Top 10 Landscape consultants in the Middle East

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