Daniel McNamara Whos Who April 2013

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Jay Cooper

Daniel McNamara
When did UTI Landscapes first set up business?
We are in business approximately one year. However we are fortunate to have the services of several individuals in our employ who are specialists in their field and who have in excess of twenty five years experience in the landscape sector.
How do you cope with having so many projects going on at once?
I get a fantastic buzz from creating something beautiful. My absolute passion is landscaping. Therefore it does not seem like work and I enjoy my profession immensely. Another factor in answer to your question is employing, motivating and monitoring the right people. It is important to remember that any company’s number one resource is its employees. A happy and content workforce makes everything easier.
What is the most frustrating aspect of your work? And the most rewarding one?
The most frustrating thing I have found is too many people do not do as they say. I find it a pointless exercise to make comments if one does not intend to carry out or execute the action. The most rewarding thing is when we complete a project walk away, look back and thinking….yeah, we did that.
In your opinion, what changes need to be adopted in the GCC landscaping industry to become on a par with the rest of the world?
Without doubt my biggest gripe is workplace inefficiency in general along with the under utilization of machinery. Accountability for individual performance must be introduced along with assessment of personnel abilities at an early stage following their arrival. If not to the standard required they must be trained. This action would ensure improvement in quality and efficiency. Presently there is machinery being used in landscape construction in the GCC which is totally unsuitable for purpose. However there is machinery available which would greatly expedite landscape construction. I intend to introduce this machinery.
As someone who is well established within the industry, what do you see as the main challenges we face in the next 12 months?
From a general point I can only see upside. Many things are beginning to happen and I am very excited about the future. From a personal point of view there is competition in the market from long established companies. This is why I wish to get the message across that we are bringing something completely different to the table. I intend to shake up the industry with my innovative ideas and change the way people think in the sector about landscape construction.

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